Sunday, February 17, 2013

Week 1 - Let the Good Times Roll

Although I was nervous when Mr. Z first introduced the DIY project, my apprehension has slowly turned into curiosity and excitement.  It’s not often that teachers give students complete freedom to explore whatever they’re interested in, and I’m eager to ‘carp diem.’  And so 365 Days of Saad is born!

My project is focused on uncovering my family’s rich history – from my grandparents, uncles, aunts, and of course my parents.  Although I’ve heard snippets of their life stories and experience immigrating to America, I want to fuse the fragments together, explore the thousands of pictures tucked away in my attic, and produce a scrapbook to let the memories live on.

Resources: My mentor is my lovely mom.  She’s my mentor for every project I have and always helps me sift and sort my scattered thoughts.  This week I will plan the questions I’m going to ask each of my family members and scavenge the house for extra scrapbook supplies.

Schedule: My schedule is still an open book.  Right now, I plan to interview a family member one week and make a page in the scrapbook the following week, but the times may be adjusted depending on how short/long everything takes.  Once my scrapbook is done, I am hoping to use a website like to create either an e-book or multiple copies of the scrapbook so everyone in my family can enjoy and share it. 

This week I am going to brainstorm questions to ask with my mom, start looking through our piles of pictures for inspiration, and scavenge the house for extra scrapbook supplies.

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