Sunday, April 14, 2013

Week 9 - Supplies, supplies, supplies

This week, I was able to talk to my Teta on my mom's side to finish the family tree.  I will make the family tree in the scrapbook by breaking it up into chunks with my mom and dad's side so that everything can fit.  I am using the website to store all of the names for now.  It is a great website, and the best thing is - it's free!  I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to start a family tree.  How cool would it be if one day your great-great-great grandchildren knew the name of their great-great-great grandparents?

I also went to Michael's this week and looked at some scrapbook supplies.  I wanted to go once without buying anything since it is really easy to get carried away in that store and end up leaving the store with six packs of glitter glue and some yarn.  I have decided to set my budget at $80 to make the scrapbook.  Although this seems a little high, a good quality scrapbook will cost $20 and a stack of 12x12 paper will cost another $20, which will only leave me with $40 to buy the extra embellishments.  The money will all come from the money I make tutoring after school.

Although I originally wanted to buy all of my supplies from JoAnn's or Michael's, I think I will purchase the big items through Amazon to save some money.  Here is the supplies that I am thinking of getting:

This is a Pioneer Silk Postbound Scrapbook with a photo window which sells for $19.99 on Amazon.

I like it because it is clean, simple, and the dark blue is a calming color.  I do not want anything in the scrapbook to ever overpower the pictures that I am putting, so I think that it will be a challenge for me to limit the glitter and puffy paint.  I usually get a little too excited when I start projects like these...

I also think I am going to purchase this La Creme paper stack.  It comes with 48 12x12 sheets which should be plenty for my scrapbook.  I like how all of the colors are black, white, or beige.  The designs are simple, which is what I want so it does not eat up the pictures I put on it.

If I end up purchasing this stack of paper, I will probably use my neon papers to make a border around the pictures so they stand out against the dark background.

I will probably make a visit to JoAnn's before purchasing these, but hopefully all of my supplies will be ready for takeoff by the end of this week!

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