Sunday, April 7, 2013

Week 8 - Meet My Jiddo and Teta!

These week I got to talk to my grandparents - David and Souheila Saad.  They told me about how they met and I am currently finding a way to contact Nicholas Sparks so he can write a book about their story.  Both of them were only children, so it added to the already protective nature of their grandparents.  When my Jiddo fell in love with my Teta, all of his friends were telling him not to marry her since her parents were so against her getting married.  On one occassion, my Teta's parents called the cops on him just for coming to see her.  But they persevered!

I also learned about their hardships growing up and raising a family during the Lebanese Civil War - particularly the burden they both had to provide for three sons and one daughter.

Is this not the most joyful Pepsi ad you've ever seen?

Although I anticipated finishing up my family tree, this week has been madness between all of the family visiting.  My house has transformed into a bed & breakfast!  Tomorrow, my aunt and my cousin leave back to Dubai which means I will have a lot of time to talk to my Teta on my mom's side and my Teta's sister.

This upcoming week, I want to finish up the family tree and start looking at scrapbook supplies from JoAnns.    It's weird to think in about two months my speech about my DIY will be over... It's crazy how fast time passes sometimes.

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