Sunday, March 10, 2013

Week 4 - Up in the Attic

This week I went up into the attic to look through the remainder of the pictures.  Although this seemed like an easy task, when I turned on the attic light I was shocked to see over fifteen boxes filled with pictures.  Each box seemed to have triple the amount as the one before it.

These pictures ranged from super hipster pictures of my mom in her college days when she went to the University of Cairo to pictures of my sisters and I camping out in our backyard.  Each picture is a story in itself.  I was able to group a lot of the pictures based on the person so that when my family arrives at the end of March I'll be able to ask them the story behind it.

Looking through the pictures has inspired to me to start a journal.  I'm notorious for starting journals and stopping after the first entry, but this time I really want to go through with it.  Although my life seems bitterly dull (and probably is), I can't imagine how interesting my stories will be ten years from now... or fifty years from now... or two hundred years from now.  When I look at pictures of ten-year-old me, I can barely remember the story behind the pictures.  Time to preserve the memories!

I downloaded the app "My Wonderful Days" on my iPhone.  The app lets me type journal entries on my phone, add pictures, export my entries in a PDF file, and back it up through WiFi.  The best part is that it is synced with iCloud, so that if I ever lose my phone, I will still be able to access my entries.

I have to admit, I haven't been making as much progress as I had hoped.  By this point, I expected to have a lot of scrapbook supplies purchased and a rough idea for how I want the pages of it to be organized. Now that I have finished my SAT, I am ready to dive in.  I am hoping to go scrapbook supply shopping this weekend and to start talking to my family to gather names for the family tree.  I anticipate having an idea of how to organize the scrapbook after my family arrives towards the end of March.

It is beyond adorable seeing how excited my grandparents are for this project.  I talked with my Teta who lives in Canada about the project and her reaction was priceless.  She promised to bring some pictures when she visits.  I can't wait to see her!

In addition to preserving the memories, I want to get some of my family's recipes.  Both my mom and Teta are amazing cooks, and I want to save their recipes so they can always be enjoyed.

It's crazy to think that it has already been a month since we started the DIY project.  I can't believe that the pitch is coming up this Friday.  Although I have no idea what my visual is going to be or how I want to present, I'm sure I'll get through it.  Maybe I should just show a picture of myself when I was a toddler...

Who doesn't love an adorable baby picture after all?

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