Saturday, March 23, 2013

Week 6 - Branching Out

This week I finished as much of the family tree as I could by my dad about my ancestors.  I learned that both of my grandparents on my dad’s side were only children.  This surprised me considering how many families on my mom’s side had a lot of kids.  I also learned that my grandma’s dad’s first and last name were the same.  How cool is that?  Honestly, knowing that my grandparents are only children is a bit of a relief.  It will make it a lot easier for me to fully complete the family tree without needing to add an extra twenty branches for their siblings!  The family tree still has a lot of growing to do – once I talk to my grandparents it will be able to really blossom.  Although the family tree only shows names, I am also able to store information for maiden names, birth date, and death date. 

My grandma arrives late tomorrow tonight and the rest of my family – my grandma’s sister and brother, my aunt, and two of my cousins – will arrive from Dubai, Monte Carlo, and Washington D.C. this Thursday.  Time to bust out the sleeping bags!  My sisters also arrived this past Saturday from UCSB for their Spring Break.  The week will be a bit hectic with everyone around but luckily Spring Break is the following week for me.  I will get the bulk of the information from my mom’s side during Spring Break.  This will give me the opportunity to solidify how I am going to make the scrapbook.   

I have also continued to digitalize pictures onto my computer.  I have started a couple of albums.  I am starting to realize that the task is a lot more time consuming than I originally intended.  This will definitely be something that stretches into summer.  Here are a couple of albums I have been working on.  I will soon make subsections within each album to further organize the pictures.  I also want to organize a few of my memories from the past – hence the pictures I compiled from the Culture Fair last year.  I will back up the pictures ASAP in case something happens to my laptop.  I am thinking about creating a Facebook so I can upload all of the pictures and add my family so that they can enjoy them. 

Next week will be hectic with all of my family arriving and with all of the pre-Spring Break tests and projects!  

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