Sunday, March 31, 2013

Week 7 - Meet the Saads

All my family has arrived!  Although I thought that this would be one of the weeks I would be progress the most on my project, that wasn't exactly the case.  My aunt and cousin arrived from Dubai, my mom's aunt from Lebanon, my mom's uncle from Monaco, my uncle from Houston, my grandma from Canada, and my cousin from Washington D.C. all on Thursday or Friday night.  In addition to this, my sisters were in town from their Spring Break, adding to the madness in my already stuffed house!

Now that my sisters, cousin, and one of my uncles has left, things are starting to settle down in the house.  I know this upcoming week I will be able to talk with my family, especially since I'm off of school for Spring Break.

Although I didn't progress as much as I had hoped, I still had a great time catching up with my family, especially since I usually don't see them more than once a year.  We had a surprise birthday party for my Teta's 75th birthday at the Orange Hill Restaurant.  It was so great to see all of the family together, and even more adorable to find out that my grandparent's were maid-of-honors at each other weddings.  I learned that my parents met each other through their friendship growing up.

I've set a rough schedule for myself for the rest of the duration of this project:

  • Continue talking with my family, collecting pictures this upcoming week, and adding to the family tree
  • Raid the aisles of JoAnn's and sort/group pictures for each scrapbook page
  • The three weeks leading up to AP testing I want to start making the scrapbook and have it all done by the end of AP testing
  • After the scrapbook is done, I will focus on digitalizing pictures and making the Facebook account for my family to enjoy the pictures from all around the world.  I might also digitalize the scrapbook depending on how expensive it is.

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