Sunday, May 12, 2013

Week 13 - Deciphering the Past

Remember those pages I posted a few weeks ago with the language I made up five years ago?

I was able to find the key and decoded it.  It took about three-four hours but it was worth it.  The journal talked about everything from friends, family, social life, hobbies, and hopes for the futures.  I think I cringed at a couple of parts at how stupid I used to be, though.

Because, like I said...
2007: Wow I was so stupid last year.
2008: Wow I was so stupid last year.
2009: Wow I was so stupid last year.

It was weird to think that I one point I had become fluent in writing in the language.


This week, I found two more things tucked away in our attic.  The first thing I found was a souvenir I got while visiting Lebanon with my family when I was seven years old.  It is a piece of cedar bark with my name burned into it.  Although it is small, it means a lot to me.  My dad was born in Lebanon and that was the only time I had ever visited it.  I remember my dad taking us around Beirut.  I remember him pointing to a torn up collapsing building and telling me and my sisters that he used to live there when he was younger.

I also found my mom's dorm room key when she went to the University of Cairo.  My mom has the fondest memories in Egypt.  Although she used to always want to take my family on vacation there so she can tell us all of her memories from her college days, because of the internal conflict and some new laws that they have passed recently that curb women's rights, she no longer wants to visit.  It's scary how fast places can change.  It's scary how fast peoples' opinions of places can change.

Memories, memories.

Next week, I want to write another letter to future self, but this time for when I graduate high school.  I also want to start better organizing that things that I have been collecting from my younger years so it doesn't end up all over the house again.

Au revoir!

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